Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby John's Birth

Well, for those of you who haven't heard, Baby John arrived Sunday, August 23 at 7:31 am. Saturday morning Heather, Emily and Suze hosted an amazing baby shower for Baby John and me. I had such a lovely time. Check out the full story here.

I had contractions and cramps throughout the shower but as I went home and put my feet up things eased. I made dinner with and we watched a movie and around 10:30 pm, I went to bed. A huge, painful contraction brought me fully awake 30 minutes later. I sat bolt upright, panicing a bit from the intensity and then a felt a trickle. That brought me fully out of bed and running to the bathroom. My water had broken and started to trickle .... John was coming.

I managed to wake JK and he held me tightly as I cried -- Baby John was 2 weeks early and I was a bit nervous about him coming early.

I labored at home for 5 hours until I went to the bathroom and wiped away something green -- Baby John had pooped. At that point my doctor wanted me in ASAP.

Once in the hospital they checked me to see how far I was dilated and felt..... a baby's bottom not a head. Once they brought in the ultrasound it was clear, what I had thought was John's bottom all these months was his round little bottom. I needed an emergency C-section. Because I had eaten dinner the night before we had to wait 2 hours. I was thankful. I needed some time to adjust to the fact I was going to have a C-section.

After a few tears and some very kind words from my husband, my mom and the nurses around me I managed to joke, "Well, I guess Johnny found the john." We all burst out laughing. (He had pooped directly over my cervix.)

JK had to get dressed up for the occasion. I thought he looked very scholarly in his "garb."

Very happy parents at 7:31 am -- it was worth it all. It was hard to wait to hold him. I cried as soon as I heard his little scream -- I just couldn't believe it all.

I was so happy when I got to hold Baby John. All of a sudden the intensity of the last 8 hours melted away.
Baby John is a very good nurser which is a good thing. He was born weighing 5 lbs 12 oz but lost weight so that he was 5 lbs 4 oz. By the time I left the hospital he had nursed so much he was beginning to gain a little weight, something the nurses said rarely happens in the hospital. (Tonia -- recognize the hat? He wore it all the time in the hospital because it was the only hat that would stay on him. Thank you sooooo much!)

30 minutes after the C-section I hemorrhaged terribly. They had to clear the room while the nurses worked to stop the bleeding. Again, another terrifying moment. Over the next day and a half my hemoglobin dropped in half and I had to have two blood transfusions. I felt better after the transfusions, but I'm still anemic. They say it's going to take a while to recover.

I'll share more pictures later. In the meantime I am working on a tiny pair of socks for Baby John whenever I get the chance -- friends and family have been searching for preemie clothes but they are hard to find -- especially socks. Baby John is in desperate need of tiny socks.


Anonymous said...

you hang in there!!!!!!!! you will be back to normal in no time; just sleep whenever you can.

what an adorable baby. he doesn't care that he is little. he won't be for long!!

hope the little dog adjusts..ours was pretty jealous and sad for awhile.

best wishes to your new family.

Elisabeth said...

So glad you and baby John are both OK! What a scary experience. Congratulations!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! How wonderful and terrifying and beautiful and ... wow. Thanks for sharing the story. John is a cute little guy!

If you find any good preemie sock patterns and could link them, that would be great. I bet my local hospital could use some socks, too.

Congratulations and best wishes!