Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby John's Room

Baby John's little room has been ready for quite some time now, waiting patiently for his arrival.
His little crib is all fitted out with his newly washed bedding.

My comfy nursing chair is ready with my favorite lamb skin in preparation for those cold nights ahead of me. The pillow says, "Now I lay me down to crash!" A very appropriate gift from Nancy!

His changing table is ready -- complete with diapers, diaper cream, and all of his bathing items.

His little dresser is full of his newly washed clothes, his receiving blankets and his toys.

I can't bear to put away his cute little knitted hats. There is one missing -- a sweet little one from Tonia, which is packed in his diaper bag, ready for the hospital.

Mr. Donegal is waiting in his crib -- ready to welcome our little boy to his new home.

My mom painted some beautiful watercolors for his room. Here is Mrs. Ducky sitting patiently on her nest. I feel much like Mrs. Duck right now, my nest is ready and waiting, I just have to keep my little one safe and warm until he's ready to arrive.

Mrs. Sheepy, standing protectively over her little lamb...

And another one of Mrs. Sheepy with her lamb peaking out at the world. My mom knows I love sheep and all things woolly.

Bobby continues to sleep under Baby John's crib in the morning. I'm going to have to make sure he still gets a lot of hugs, walks and treats once the baby arrives.

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