Saturday, August 1, 2009

A BIG surprise

This Thursday night I had the biggest surprise ever - the Thursday night Sit & Knit girls gave me a surprise baby shower. JK was even in on the surprise. Weeks ago he had suggested that we go out to dinner at Keltie's sometime. Last week he very casually suggested Thursday night -- one of the few nights we had open.

We arrived up in Westfield 15 minutes early for our reservation (15 minutes late for the shower as I later found out -- sorry girls) and he suggested we pop in to Stitches & Scones. I said I didn't need anything -- I had been there the day before and was headed back to S & S on Friday. But he wanted to kill time so in we went.

I totally did not expect to find everyone gathered for a baby shower for me -- I was shocked. It was such a fun surprise.

I loved seeing everyone's current project. Yes, Briar Rose definitely got the prize for being the most loved yarn... ah, we have to get that stuff in the shop, don't we?

Tonia, Nancy & Gina had decorated and baked -- everything was soooo yummy and cute, including my delicious gluten free cupcakes (Nancy even sent me home with a bunch and now they are sitting in my freezer, talk about major temptation).

Everyone's gifts were so thoughtful from the soaps for me to the little booties for Baby John. I received too many things to post all of them but I thought you all might get inspired by the handknitted items....

Little washcloths -- they are so soft, perfect for bath time.

The cutest little football hat you have ever seen -- oh my goodness, this just too cute.

The sweetest little booties. Don't they look comfy?

This was too creative -- onesies all rolled up and packaged to look like cupcakes!

Thank you all so much -- you really surprised me and overwhelmed me with your kindness.
Happy, happy knitting to you all!

PS: Gina has more photos over on her blog!


Ruth MacC said...

I was wondering if you had a baby shower. We don't have them over here. I had a close up look at the buns, very good and I also like the pillow, now I lay me down to crash!!!

Hope you are feeling good.

Ruth MacC said...

btw, what are onsies?