Monday, August 17, 2009

Broad Ripple Farmer's Market

JK and I headed off early Saturday morning for a fun outing. We're trying to tuck a few of those "special times" in before the baby arrives.

I adore farmer's markets so we set off to the Broadripple Farmer's Market.

The first crop of apples had arrived at the market. The scent of sweet apples wafted up to you as you stood over the bins and selected your apples. They were crispy and sweet! Oh, the joy of an approaching autumn....

Flowers were abundant....

I got such a kick out of this sight. This dog sat patiently and moved his head back and forth as his owner and the stall manager talked. It looked as if he could really understand what they were saying.

Beautiful harp music serenaded us as we shopped...

The sunflower selection was amazing!

And the veg was at its peak!

Not to mention the flowers.....

At the Zionsville Farmer's Market I usually buy fresh pasta for our Saturday dinner. At Zville there is three types of pasta to choose from. Here at the Broad Ripple Farmer's Market I was overwhelmed by the selection!

After the Farmer's Market we headed over to Irvington on the eastside of Indy and checked out Laze Daze Coffee House and a used book store that was right across the street called, Bookmama's. We loved the book shop -- it was definitely a place to return to. The coffee shop was kind of sketchy. The coffee was great and they had a great selection of teas. But they seemed to be running an unsupervised daycare out of the shop - so the atmosphere was very strange. Not the sort of place you would choose for a quiet cuppa.

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