Friday, August 21, 2009

Hair Update

Thank you so much for writing in or emailing me and letting me know your suggestions for hair salons. It was such a big help. I have written them all down in my daytimer so that I'm never without an option again.

I ended up going to Allure Salon because it was really close to my house. Thank you, Anita, for the suggestion. I LOVED it.

The decor of the salon is adorable and the staff was extremely friendly. I love how they wash your hair -- they bring you into a dimly lit room, give you a warm towel to place over your hands for relaxation purposes and then really massage your head. For a girl who suffers from frequent headaches it was a dream come true.

Chang Sanders was the stylist who cut my hair and she did an AMAZING job. I was really impressed. My hair is hard to cut because it is so thick. If it is not cut correctly it looks like a bird's nest. She texturized and thinned and cut until it lays absolutely perfectly. (I'll have to post a picture as soon as I can find someone to take a pic for me).

If any of you would like to try the salon they gave me some cards which would give you all 10% your hair cut or color -- just let me know and I can pass them along.

Again, thanks for saving the day for me!

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