Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, folks, I need help. I am sooooo fustrated. I just received a letter from my hair salon saying that the stylist who cuts my hair quit. I wouldn't be too upset by this but this is the second time in a row that this has happened with this particular salon. I have decided I'm not going back.

The first time this happened I dutifully went back and finally found a stylist I liked. Now, I receive a letter saying that she has quit -- four days before my next appointment. Something must be wrong with that salon for it to happen two times in a row. I have never had this happen before.

I called another salon this morning but they don't employ a front desk clerk. You have to call back a zillion times to leave voicemail messages in everyone's box to see when they are next available. Can you imagine that!

So, do any of you in Indianapolis have any recommendations for places to get your hair cut? Oh, the joys of life, isn't it funny?


Brownie Knits said...

I go to C Avery Salon in Carmel. The owner is my stylist and she is very professional. Might be worth a try. (She has excellent stylists on staff too.)

Maegwin said...

I don't live in Indianapolis but having just moved cross country to Ohio about a year ago I can say that I've had good luck with Aveda salons. You can look up local ones on their website. I've always got good service, their products are all natural, and they seem to have good stylist retention.

Anita Ridolfo said...

You would love, love love Allure Salon off of Michigan Road and 106th. It's in the same strip as the Hallmark and the Mexican restaurant. I go to Melissa, she is the owner, now she is about to have a baby in October too. They are great, and the prices are much better than my last salon. Give it a try!!!

Anonymous said...

call Gina. She has a great stylist. Also, just so you know....after 6 months of sleep deprivation (when little guy arrives) you will care less that you even get your hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!