Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Picnic

Sunday JK and I took a picnic to the Art Museum gardens. At first we almost canceled, due to the 90 F weather. However, we decided to give it a try and found that the shade of the old oak trees was cool and inviting. We had a lovely time and promised ourselves we would do it again, even with Baby John. It was so relaxing.

We took a walk through the shaded paths after lunch to admire the dense gardens.

I loved inspecting their "orchard garden". They have created a wonderful fruit and veg garden in the space across from the green house. It gave me ideas for my garden next year.

I could not believe the towering heads of these sunflowers. They were huge and made JK and I look like dwarfs.

It was a wonderful afternoon. If you haven't been on a picnic in a while, try it! It's absolutely wonderful!

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