Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just love this picture of JK and John. They both seem so content and happy. John looks like JK, they have the same nose, the same mouth, the same smile, the same chin. It is adorable. The only thing that Baby John has from me is his healthy appetite and dark hair. Although his hair is changing and becoming lighter as the week progresses.

JK, John and I received 41 visitors while we were in hospital. We felt very loved. Here is John with my youngest nephew, David. He is so excited to have someone younger and smaller than himself. He pointed out that very fact to us all.

James, my second youngest nephew also came along on the visit, as well as Rachel, my neice, and Andrew my nephew. They loved John.

Suze dropped by and we had a fun time chuckling at how they had just managed to squeeze the baby shower in.

Caleb, JK's nephew, had been excited all month about John's arrival. He kept asking, "When am I going to get my cousin?" He was a bit miffed when he did finally "get his cousin." His reaction was, "It moves."

JK's sister, Emily (Caleb's mom), was so happy they were in town for the birth. Emily, Greg and Caleb have been living in Cyprus for the last 3 (?) years and are in the midst of moving back to the States. They were visiting until August 28 and were hoping John would come early. Their wish was granted.

My dad dropped by several times and seemed really pleased to have another grandson.

JK and I decided we had choosen the nicest pediatrician ever. She dropped by every morning and answered all of our questions and explained so much to us. She even showed JK how to diaper John because John just happened to "poop" while she was there. What is with this baby and pooping?

My two sisters came by Sunday afternoon (we didn't get a pic of Em holding him -- sorry Em). John is Heather's first nephew or neice on the Winslow side. She seemed to be very pleased to become an Aunt.
Mom and Dad Wall were Baby John's first visitors (my mom was with me throughout labor, per my request, and so I didn't count her as a visitor). They were so excited and pleased.

JK and I have found we love showing John off -- I guess that makes us normal parents?


Jess said...

Christina, thanks so much for the updates and pictures! I have been thinking about you all this past week, wondering how you were doing! Sounds like you had quite a time of it but am so thankful that you and John are doing well. He's such a precious, little guy!! That's great he's nursing so well for you! Can't wait to meet him! If all goes according to plan, our little guy will be coming tomorrow!!

jennie said...

He is sooo precious! When Edy is in school I will schedule a visit. Enjoy this stage, they don't stay little for long.

Amy K said...

Christina, I'm so happy for you that John is here safe and sound. He is beautiful. I hope you quickly recover and can enjoy the rest of your fall with new baby!

Jennifer and Steve said...

Congratulations on your new little one. :) I so hope you feel better soon. What an ordeal you went through with John's arrival, but what a reward. Again - congratulations to your family. jennifer