Friday, August 14, 2009

Wool from the State Fair

I love going to the State Fair. As a child I read "Charlotte's Web" and "Windy Foot at the State Fair" and fell in love with the whole "Fair" ideal. However, it wasn't until I moved to Indiana that I actually got to go to the State Fair.

Now that my sister, Heather, and her family live in Indiana I always try to make it to the State Fair with them. For me, the Fair is even better seen through the eyes of her kids. It was fun to walk through the hands-on village with them and imagine Baby John enjoying the fair in a few years.

The other reason I love to visit the fair is.... you guessed it, the sheep barn and the wool room. I will never have a flock of my own -- but I love sheep. They are soooo cute! The little Shetland sheep caught our attention while we were walking up and down the aisle - they looked like sweet little dogs with long hair!

Heather and I made a dash to the wool room while the husbands talked to the shepherds and the kids looked at the sheep. I purchased a wheel of "Spiced Heather" for a lace shawl and three skeins of a deep amethyst for a new vest idea I have. I even talked Heather into buying a wheel of lace yarn to make another lace shawl -- I think she's hooked on lace shawls!

After our traditional stop at the Dairy Bar for ice cream JK and I made our way home while Heather and her family headed onto the Midway. My feet were swollen so that I could barely walk but I was happy and contented with all the memories we had just made.

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