Saturday, August 1, 2009

Zionsville Farmer's Market

My mom, sister and I headed over to the Zionsville Farmer's market Saturday morning. I love farmer's markets. They are such community events. I have my favorite vendors that I love to go back and talk to each week. I love the recipes they suggest or the new kinds of veggies they challenge me to cook.

I couldn't eat a thing at this booth, but aren't her baked goods amazing?

I was excited to see the first acorn squash. I definitely snapped up one of those along with the fresh pasta. I can't eat the pasta but JK and my mom love it. Fresh pasta is the best.

This stand is adorable. It is run by a teenage boy who grows all of these flowers and then packages them into darling bouquets. He usually sells out too!

After a long stop at the Eagle Creek Coffee Co. we headed home for a brunch. Mom whipped up a fantastic meal. Oh, for Saturday mornings every day....

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Ruth MacC said...

Looking at all that sweet stuff is setting my teeth on edge...! But the brown bread looks great!