Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall & Knitting

I actually finished a piece of knitting! I gave up on all the projects I already had going (sound familiar) and decided to cast on something fun. So, I cast on Ysolda's Liesl. I loved it. It is knit on large needles (US #11) using worsted weight or chunky weight yarn. So it knits up really quickly -- perfect for a nursing mom who does not have much time on her hands!

I used Princess by Classic Elite and knit the body and the sleeves much longer than directed. I love it! The one thing I wish I had done was knit it a little bigger in the chest -- I'm a little busty right now. Never had that problem before so I'm not used to it!

Just in time too -- the Autumn is arriving in all her glory!

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Miss-Knit said...

Wow... I absolutely love that top. How difficult would you rate it? (On a scale from beginner-professional?)