Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby John in Hand Knits

Baby John has been blessed with some adorable hand knitted items and I just had to share them with you.

Who can resist tiny feet in tiny little socks? As he has been growing out of the smallest socks I've been trying to make new ones for him. I think handknit socks stay on so much better than store bought ones.

This adorable pumpkin hat came from Jane G. I LOVE it! It is so applicable to Baby John because JK and I call him "Pumpkin".

This hat and sock outfit was made by Tonia. I think it is so adorable. He wears them for our afternoon walks.
This is a little brown sweater I spun and knitted 7 years ago for my sister's first boy, Andrew. The wool is a soft and spongy merino. He wears it all the time because it is the sweater that fits him the best right now.

Tonia's newborn hat still fits him -- and he wears it a lot. He has lost most of his hair on the top of his head. Totally the wrong season to do that. But, that's what babies do! I suppose he just gets to wear more hats!

This was taken at least four weeks ago so I should try this little brown sweater on him again. At the time it was gigantic on him. After I made it a couple of months ago Lin voiced what I was thinking at the time -- that it was going to be too small for him! Ha! It swims on him!

There are more hand knits to show off but I thought I would tempt you with just a few today!

I just love knitting for my loved ones, especially my little baby!

Happy Knitting

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