Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby John Sweaters

I finished two more of Baby John's sweaters. One was had been in progress at the time of his birth and then laid aside (I wonder why) and another I started last week. I'm beginning to find more knitting time! Hooray! Unfortunately they are all still a little big for him right now, although within a week or two they might be wearable. I hate sewing -- even sewing on buttons. So they are all lined up in the window above my desk, waiting for me to get in the "sewing mood" or for me to get desperate for sweaters for Baby John!


Heather L. said...

They're so nice!!!

Dad Wall said...

4:30 AM? Is that right?

Alyssa said...

Hey Christina! I'm one of those people who lurk in the back ground envying all the wonderful things you knit.

We should totally collaborate, I LOVE to sew, but there's no way I'd ever be able to knit like you. I'm a left handed knitter and several people have tried to teach me but I just can't seem to move beyond the most basics. I'll sew on your buttons and you can try to teach me to knit!

I love your work!

And Baby John is adorable. :)