Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knitting Trends

Knitting trends -- there always is a knitting trend blowing through the knitting community in any given year. Sometimes they vary from region to region, sometimes they are the same. I was remember some of the more recent knitting trends (within the last three years).

Remember the moebius scarf? (Pictured above). It was the rage -- the total crazy rage. We bought 47" + needles (addis of course) and now what are we going to do with those obsessively long needles? But at the time you just had to be making a moebius or you weren't in.

Then there was the Shardigan. This amazing sweater arrived at the TNNA in June and took our little knitting store by storm. You couldn't have too many shardigans. They were quick, easy and fun. People made them, again, by the dozens. But I haven't seen anyone wearing them lately. They were a bear to match yarn with -- as evidenced by the picture above.

And then there was the Kauni sweater. This craze really did bite me hard. Unfortunately I never bought the rainbow colored yarn so, every so often this craze comes back to bite me and I think, "Oh, I want to make one SOOOO badly." I think it is because of my love for Fair Isle Knitting and the colors in the Kauni yarn. Maybe someday...

But do you remember this craze? At first you had to order the yarn from eastern Europe. Finally it became available in the States but it was usually sold out. Everyone in the blogasphere was making one and blogging about it. Every so often I seen one being worn and I think they look lovely.If I had to choose one knitted item that I think is the craze this year it would be Ysolda's Ishbel shawlette. It took the US by storm as Ysolda traveled around with her little booklet "Whimsical Little Knits 1". Everyone started making and wearing an Ishbel. Yes, I made one too and I'm dying to make another -- they are fast and easy. I would definitely agree that the shawlette is the new cowl.


Brownie Knits said...

And to prove the saying, "Everything old is new again" we have had a crazy number of people who are asking about making a moebius again.

I agree that the biggest trend this year is a shawl--mostly shoulder shawls of any type.

Heather L. said...

And I've joined the craze too! Can't wait to see how my blue one looks with that orange sweater. :)