Monday, October 5, 2009

New Blog - The Cooks Next Door

You've got to check out this new foodie blog -- The Cooks Next Door. My sister Heather and a good friend of hers, Alaina, just started this foodie blog and I have fallen in love with it already.

Saturday, after reading the seasonal post I called my mom up and asked her to bring home some Italian sausage so that I could make the butternut squash & sausage pasta described on the blog. It was SOOOOO good! I added a bit of parsley to my finished dish and loved it. To make it gluten free for me I just substituted brown rice pasta! It was great!

They need to post a shopping list for the weekend posts so that we're not running out to the store Friday afternoon or Saturday night.... their recipes are that good... you won't want to miss them!

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Alaina said...

Thank you so much for your kind mention and excitement for our new venture! So glad you are enjoying it!