Friday, October 9, 2009

Sunday Autumn Walk

This past Sunday, after a yummy dinner of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and peasant bread, my mom, my sister Emily and our dear friend Suze jumped in the car and drove to Trader's Point Creamery for an autumn walk. Baby John came along and debuted his pumpkin hat.
Emily is in grad school now, but she recently got a job for "fun" at the Creamery's restaurant on Tuesday and Thursday nights. She says the food is excellent -- I believe her an am eager to try it out!
You know -- there is nothing like a sister. I have the best two sisters in the world! Love you H & Em!
The colors were just beginning to show -- I always find fall colors inspiring. I think this time of year is when I get most of my "design" ideas. The shapes and colors of fall are just incredible!

Had to pose with mom for a quick shot in front of the cows! I have the best mom ever too!

Wasn't it a beautiful day? It was one of those golden afternoons you just wish would last forever! Life goes by too fast -- enjoy EVERY moment, even that bad ones, folks. Life is just too precious.

Happy Knitting! These are the joyful days for knitters!

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Em said...

Awh...such wondeful pictures! What a fun fall Sunday! love you too!! :)
You're the best!