Thursday, October 29, 2009

The View

This is the view out my studio window. No wonder I'm inspired to knit with orange, I've been gazing at it every day.

Have you ever had the thought, "I wish fall would last forever?" Perhaps it is me. But I do. I love fall, the crisp air, the smell of the leaves, cinnamon spicing up the kitchen, mugs of steaming tea and platefuls of molasses cookies.

I've begun to see more bare trees amongst the glorious ones. Ahh... time is passing too fast. It was just yesterday I was bring home my 5 lb, 4oz baby. Today I was dancing to "It's a Wonderful World," with my 10 lb, 5 oz baby. In just two months he is nearly doubled. Where does the time go?

You know, it takes time to knit a beautiful garment. But that is also what is so precious about that garment. In a hand knit sweater you have captured a bit of time. Many of my sweaters hold memories of what was happening to me around the time I knit them. The memories make the sweaters sweeter and dearer to me.

Capture and savor some time today, if you can.


Elisabeth said...

Great thoughts! I definitely knit to "remember" my life by my projects. I often feel that it is better than a journal. Kinesthetic memory. Can't wait to see the orange sweater!

Ruth MacC said...

It's a lovely view:o)