Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Flowers - Saturday Morning

Saturday morning was crunch time. We had to get all the flowers finished and ready to go at 9 AM. Pictures started at 10:30 and the church was in Noblesville - at least 45 minutes away. We had never had such an early delivery time that far away. It was a test of our skill.

I couldn't get any pictures in the dark, but we did actually start working on finishing the flowers in the dark. It was brutally cold out on the porch. The flowers were in heaven but we were miserably cold. JK kept passing hot tea out to us to warm us up.

Bobby desperately wanted to be out there with us. He guarded the bridesmaids' bouquets once they had been wrapped and tied with ribbon.

Mom worked on the bridal bouquet until it was a glorious bouquet.

I got all the boutonnieres and corsages tagged and boxed up. It was a bit of a flurry at the end but Mom and JK left the house at 9:20 and arrived up in Noblesville a little after 10. Once the flowers were done I had to scurry and get Baby John and I ready!

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