Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wooly Hugger

I just finished a fun knit. It's a short sleeve tunic vest I designed with three leftover skeins of Bartlett Wool.

People often complain about "real" wool. You know, the rough, good stuff. But I love it. Real wool is extremely warm and comfortable. It often lasts longer than the over processed wool. When I am knitting with real wool I feel like I am getting back to the roots of knitting - the historic, time-honored way of knitting.

I always wash my Bartlett wool before I knit with it. When you receive it in the mail it still has some of the spinning oil on it, making it hard and scratchy. Once you throw it in the sink with a good capful of Eucalan wool wash it feels as soft as sheepsdown and is as welcoming as a good cup of tea.

I have named this little vest, The Wooly Hugger because it is so warm and comfortable. I.e. so very "sheepy." No, it's not a pattern ... yet. I've just been having fun knitting!

Speaking of real wool. I love what Rowan has done - offer sheep-breed-specific yarn. The sheep breeds are mainly British breeds such as Bluefaced Leiceister, Black Welsh, Brown Jacob, Suffolk and Shetland but they are wonderful.

I wish more companies would offer sheep-breed-specific yarn. Perhaps Clara Parkes new book "The Knitter's Book of Wool," will spur them on and more real, wooly goodness will be at our fingertips.


pendie said...

Anytime you want to get that pattern written up and posted is fine with me! That is gorgeous and looks snuggly and warm

lin said...

Yeah Bartlett!!!

Em said...

Hey Chris!! I love the new vesty!! Do you think I could make one? lol!! I need a new knitting project...the little baby sweater I was knitting looks desperatly terrible...maybe you could look at it sometime! ;)