Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recycled Yarn

One year ago, for some reason, I really got into the art of recycling yarn. It's an art? Yes, it actually is. You can rip out old sweaters made from exquisite materials, but the yarn might look dead and limp. It takes a bit of artistry and "magic" tricks to get it looking "alive" again.

For a while I thought I would sell my "yarn" on etsy but it never happened. Instead, a year later I discovered these two batches of yarn in my stash. The first picture is some really lovely angora/wool yarn that I ripped, respun and hand dyed. I think a hat and bootie set for Baby John is in order.

This is some really lovely 100% cashmere yarn that I ripped and respun. There is enough for a sweater, hat and booties for Baby John. I'm looking forward to working with it!

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