Friday, November 27, 2009


My sisters and I used to partiscipate in the grand "Black Friday" shopathon. Heather would plot out our route and the stores we would visit. We would pack up some yummy Thanksgiving leftovers into a wicker basket, fill up a thermos of tea and then hit the road early Friday morning. Because we were a crafty bunch (and still are) Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann Fabrics were always on our list of places to visit.

The year Heather had her first baby, Rachel, my mom and Heather were both away for Black Friday. (Rachel was born right before Thanksgiving). Emily and I decided that the tradition could not be missed so we got up early, made a run to Starbucks and hit our favorite stores for Christmas presents. (That was 9 years ago, Em, can you believe it?)

As the years have passed I have grown less and less fond of going out on Black Friday. In fact, if I'm really honest with you all, I really don't like the push and shove of Black Friday anymore. I prefer little shops where I can browse and mull over my purchases.

Besides, this year there is no one to shop with. Heather is in Oklahoma, Emily is in Virginia and my mom will be designing flower arrangements at the florist shop.

In lieu of our Black Friday shop, Em and I drove downtown on Monday to Mass Ave. There we browsed the little shops, laughed over the crazy trinkets in Silver In The City (a really great shop by the way) and sipped lattes at Starbucks. It was a fun, slow paced and relazing time.

For all of you heading out to the shops today, good luck. I'm going to take a walk to Starbucks and knit away on my Christmas knitting....


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Emily said...

Chris!!! I loved your blog post! It was so fun to read. Yes...I remember our shopping adventures!!!! So fun. I miss you. I can't wait to see you on Sat!!! Thanks for posting the picture that makes me look SOOO P.O.ed!!! lol! ;) I Love it! Love you too!