Monday, November 9, 2009

A Wee Bit of Christmas

I know, I shouldn't be blogging about Christmas just yet. But for me, preparation and planning is part of savoring the Holidays.

My sisters and my mom have always had a Christmas tea in preparation for Christmas and Christmas present making. This year it came a bit later in the season, but I wonder why....

It was a fun afternoon -- quite busy now that there are five little ones to look after after and a sixth one on the way. Mom did a Christmas craft with the kids, which they loved. I was torn between the Christmas craft and sitting on the couch with H knitting.

I chose to knit and worked on Baby John's Christmas Stocking! Here is the cuff - Norwegian Snowflakes. The background is a red that I overdyed in the crockpot and the white is some lovely Cascade 220 that I had lying around.... I'm falling in love with Cascade 220 again. Can you believe it? But it is the workhorse of yarns... but more on that at another time.

Happy Holiday Knitting everyone!

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