Monday, December 7, 2009

7 December 2009 - Snow

Our first snow of the year! Isn't it wonderful? Just enough to be pretty.

Woke up this morning without much of a headache... the first time in weeks. Got things posted on Ravelry for the Knitting Zimmermann project, 40 minutes of exercise in and the kitchen floor swept and mopped all before 9:30 - oh, did I mention the baby fed and back for a nap. Can every day be headache free? Oh, wouldn't that be lovely!

I'm off to clean our bathroom while my headache stays away... later on I hope to post a new sweater pattern! Stay tuned....


Jess said...

Good for you getting in 40 min. of exercising in! I can usually just manage about 25 min. of jogging! I'll pray for more headache-free mornings for you!!

tam said...

ok, I'm a friend of Heather's, not a stalker.

i had a baby in september. i have been having headaches for the last week, on and off. could there be a connection to postpartum something or other?