Saturday, December 5, 2009

Baby Leg Warmers

I first saw a pair of baby leg warmers on Fig & Plum. Her striped leg warmers were too cute for words.

Sure, I thought they were cute, but did a baby really need legwarmers? Come on. But then one afternoon I looked over at Baby John in his rumble seat and realized that Baby John's trousers had the habit of inching their way up his leg as he kicked. Horror of horror, his bare little legs were exposed to the cold air!

Something had to be done.

Note: I am a good mommy and do keep Baby John's feet covered in warm socks
I just took them off for the picture!

I rummaged around in my stash and found some bits and bobs that would work for baby leg warmers. Within no time they were done and placed on the chubby bare legs. Now I can breath easier, he is warm! Ah, the goodness of baby legwarmers. I am sold on them. Several more pairs are in line to knit... after I get my Christmas knitting done.

Here's a recent picture of my little man... bright eyed and happy after a nice long nap.

PS: The baby legwarmer pattern is free and fabulous! It can be found here.


Emily said...

SOOOO cute!!! :)

Tonia said...

I love those bright eyes. He is so precious. Enjoy

independent midwives said...

Leg warmers are typically made from wool, which is why they are so comfortable, and warm. They can be made from recycled wool sweaters by cutting the arms off, and re-sizing to fit your legs.