Friday, December 11, 2009


My little pumpkin rolled over this afternoon. Can't believe it! JK was on the phone with me as John rolled over so he got to share in the special moment. John also grabbed his rattle and shook it for a long time. What a sweet little boy he is. I'm enjoying every moment.


Annick Willemans said...

Yes, that's wonderful to see. I remember my eldest son trying several times one day, and than all of a sudden I heard a grunt of contentment. I looked over my shoulder, and he had done it! So pleased with himself, a moment I still treasure after 19 years!

LenaL said...

Oh, what a lovely, strong little man you have! He is just wonderful, and I looks forward to follow him growing. Soon he will sit and walk and run away and chat and listen to horrible music mutch too loud and ... They are so wonderful and so fun to follow, aren't they? And the strange thing is that it always is Right Now that is the best period :-)

Take good care of yourself and baby John!

jajamom said...

He looks like he is focusing on his work of being an infant!!! Too cute