Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn - a second spring

"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower." 
- Albert Camus
Isn't that a beautiful quote? Autumn is beautiful around here. The leaves are golden red and everything seems to be on fire.

Yesterday I sat out on our back path and knitted while John played, "Hundred Acre Woods." One grove of trees was Pooh's house and another grove of trees was Piglet's house. Sweet imagination...

Life seems a bit hectic right now... so many preparations for my sister's wedding. But I am trying to stop and admire Autumn's flowers!

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying autumn.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Holly & Ivy Shawlette

In the autumn I feel a bit "Brambly-Hedgish" and love to hunker down and work on knitting for Christmas. I know, a bit silly, but still, there is a satisfaction about working on something lovely to give as a gift during the Christmas Holidays.

Last year after Christmas I was thinking about my favorite carol, "The Holly and The Ivy". I adore that carol - but couldn't give you a reason why. I decided to design a Christmas shawl with the theme of "holly & ivy".

The border of this lace shawlette is designed to mimic pointed leaves of ivy and the lace baubles are meant to depict twigs of holly.

I designed this shawl with yarn support from Springtree Road. I adore Springtree's yarns! They have such a great line of yarn to choose from. The yarn I choose for the Holly & Ivy shawl is Springtree's Blue Faced Leicester yarn - a lovely drapey yarn with high luster!

Many thanks to my technical editor Gina - not only did she fix my mistakes she also test knitted the chart portion of the shawl. And many thanks to Becky who test edited the written lace instructions  Yes, this shawl has both charted and written lace instructions!

You can hop on over to Ravelry to enjoy all the details!
Happy Knitting!

Hello Knitters! is down for a little repair right now - and somehow I really miss blogging. So I hopped on my dear old blog for a little "in between" update. I know - whiplash - but hang in there.

Autumn has been golden. I've been clinging to each beautiful day as we whiz through them. They are such a relief from our horrible summer. I'm actually wearing a thick wool sweater again! I love it!

We've been taking evening walks lately. It's a soothing balm to our busy lives right now. It's a time of day when the trees are on fire and seem magical! My husband shares my love of autumn - isn't that wonderful! What would I do if he didn't?

The week ahead is crammed full of last minute errands and baking as we prepare for a full house and my sister's wedding on the 27th of October. Spare bedrooms are being dusted and closets aired. It's a wonderful feeling!

And tomorrow there is a new shawl to share - so stay tuned!

happy knitting!