Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello Knitters! is down for a little repair right now - and somehow I really miss blogging. So I hopped on my dear old blog for a little "in between" update. I know - whiplash - but hang in there.

Autumn has been golden. I've been clinging to each beautiful day as we whiz through them. They are such a relief from our horrible summer. I'm actually wearing a thick wool sweater again! I love it!

We've been taking evening walks lately. It's a soothing balm to our busy lives right now. It's a time of day when the trees are on fire and seem magical! My husband shares my love of autumn - isn't that wonderful! What would I do if he didn't?

The week ahead is crammed full of last minute errands and baking as we prepare for a full house and my sister's wedding on the 27th of October. Spare bedrooms are being dusted and closets aired. It's a wonderful feeling!

And tomorrow there is a new shawl to share - so stay tuned!

happy knitting!

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