Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Drizzle Days

Hello Friends !
It's one of those Drizzle Days here in the Midwest.Cold. Very wet. Slightly icey. Yep! Not the day to venture outside. Unfortunately I had to in order to accomplish the weekly food shop. John was a good sport and I bribed both of us with hot chocolate and a stack of new books from the library when we returned home.

OOOoooo did I pick up some good books! Knitted flowers! Aren't they gorgeous? I'm so inspired to knit some and make a spring wreath! Wouldn't that be gorgeous? Now I have to chooose which flowers! Ahhh! That might be a hard task! And the Happy Home book full of gorgeous color - just the thing to add a bit of spark to these rather gray days we've been having.

And last but not least the "Grand Poobah" of all the books, "The Life and Times of Call the Midwife." Oh, this book is to die for (if you are a Call the Midwife fan like me). Full of the fashion, history, food, life of 1950s Poplar, England and the behind the scenes glimpses of Call the Midwife it is absolutely wonderful! I wish I could sit back and put my feet up and devour it. Alas, won't happen... yet. Maybe at 9 pm tonight!

Meanwhile I have my scrappy Chevron Stripes blanket I'm working on and it's keeping me rather happy. Oh, I haven't showed it to you yet? Well, how about tomorrow?

Til then!


Lori ann said...

oooh i love your pile of books, i'd love to look through each one, i'm off to add them to my list. and yes! i'd love to learn about your scrappy blanket. stay warm there!

Anonymous said...

Your living room is lovely. Those are a great selection of books! I can see why you just want to have time to devour them.