Monday, March 25, 2013

Scenes from the weekend!

Hello Friends! We had quite the weekend here in the midwest. I hosted a bridal shower for my dear friend who is getting married next month. We celebrated my father in law's birthday and we received another boat load of snow! Yes! We were totally faked out of our spring! Just when we thought it was around the corner. Big sigh! Oh, Well!

Here is the play room transformed into a tea room. I couldn't have done this shower without my mother who spent two days that week with  me getting ready for it ... or my sister who ended up doing all the baking because my oven broke Friday morning! yes! I had just mixed up all the batter for the cupcakes when I realized the oven wasn't preheating. Major panic.

JK came home from work to help me try to fix it. We ended up making the problem worse. Finally at 5 pm we called Heather and changed the menu from quiches (which still needed to be baked) to sandwiches. JK and I went out for a quick food shop... and we had a picnic dinner. John said he wished we would always have picnic dinners.

Our time with Papa and Gimie on Sunday was wonderful. I was so thankful for in-laws didn't mind that I was so tired. I actually lay on the couch for a little bit.

We drove home just as the blizzard was beginning. We couldn't believe how bad the visibility was. At times we couldn't see the stop lights. Cars were sliding off the ramps and doing donuts on the highway. We made it home safely and were so happy to be tucked into our beds.

Another weekend ended and another week begins - Easter week! I hope you all stayed safe where ever you were for the weekend!


One Acre Follies said...

I often think when planning for company "what will we do if the stove doesn't work". I have no idea's never happened before.

Christina Wall said...

Well, it happened to me. It wasn't so bad since I had enough time to change plans. Can't imagine it happening hours before people arrive though! Hope you and the girls are staying warm!

Stephanie said...

I hosted a baby shower on Sat! Fortunately another friend made the cupcakes (and another a fruit bowl). Your play room looks great! Hope 2nd trimester is going well so far.