Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along

Hello friends! How are you all? The snow is melting fast! And all the daffodil buds look just fine! This is definitely going to be a glorious spring when it awakens! I've been bringing spring indoors with new flower arrangements on the doors, pansies in pots and quirky little bunnies. I loved these bunnies but thought to myself, 'Surely we could knit them" and so tried. I still think the crochet bunnies are cuter. but it was fun to try!

My tea cozy just needs to be sewn together now! I can't wait. I will have a ridiculously bright tea cozy for Easter! hooray!

What am I reading? Oh, I hate to tell... I call this genre of books my "potato chip book". It's the kind of book I turn to when I'm tired and I just want to listen to an adventure. I'm reading an M.C. Beaton book. There, I've said it. Those of you who have read Beaton will know what I'm talking about.

Joining with Ginny!

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Jennifer said...

I love to listen to MC Beaton books while knitting or cooking. I know exactly what you mean!