Thursday, April 18, 2013

Settling in for Spring

Hello friends! How are you? From the patterns sales this week I see a lot of you are really into some spring sweater knitting and some spring shawl knitting! What fun! Honestly, I have the bug to knit another Woodland Spring Shawl too... hmm... I think I might have to cast one on soon too.

John and I have really, really been enjoying spring. We've been mulching our yard and admiring the plants coming up. The rose bushes have gone to town... it won't be long before they are blooming. I'm trying not to remember that they were blooming for my birthday (tomorrow) last year. That's ok. I'll look forward to their arrival! =)  We cleaned out the sun room and took the geraniums out of their winter storage. They have gone to town and are thoroughly enjoying being back in their sunny summer home.

What I do have is a basement full of David Austen Roses! I'm doing flowers for my best friend's wedding tomorrow. The flowers were picked up today and are resting in their preservative solution until we go to town on them tomorrow! So there, I have my birthday roses - just in a different way! =)

I never showed you the Noro shawl I finished, did I? I always like having a very simple shawl on my needles and often save them in a drawer to give away to someone who I feel needs an extra special hug or reminder that they are loved and prayed for. This shawl will go into that drawer and be gifted to someone. I need to cast on another simple shawl... hmm... so far that's two shawls I need to cast on! =)

What are you all up to? Any special spring time knitting?

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Anonymous said...

A beautiful shawl! I wish I could knit one. I've tried to knit but get too frustrated with it.

How do you winter your geraniums?