Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring ... at last!

Has Spring arrived for you? This weekend it finally arrived for us and it made us heady with delight! John and I spent most of the day outside today - something we have been longing to do for weeks now. Lunch among the evergreens playing pooh and piglet, trike rides, out door car roads made of masking tape on our back deck (big enough for John to ride his trike on) and afternoon tea on the back deck were all part of our day.

My second trimester headaches have worsen. I've taken building a raise bed garden off my list of spring things to do. Maybe next year. John asks why I don't feel like playing soccer - poor guy! I would, if running didn't bounce my head around. I keep praying for them to go away while silently reminding myself that how thankful I am to be having a second little one - a sibling for John.

On the knitting front I have been working away at some spinning - yes, I have the spring spinning fever. And ... I've been knitting a replica of the Call the Midwives sweater that all the midwives wear on that show! I'll have to show you soon. It's too cute!

off for a rest - I'll be back soon with some knitting!

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Anna said...

Visiting from yarn along. I've been watching call the midwives and just love it. I hope those headaches let up, try ice packs on your neck/ shoulders? I get stress/tension headaches and that helps.