Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yarn Along and other things...

Hello Friends! It's finally a sunny day here. We've had "Scotland" days lately - lots of rain and sun and clouds.

But the flowers are loving all the rain and soaking up the little bits of sun and have been growing immense!

Just look at my clematis this year! It's been such a delight to eat out on the deck every night and sometimes sneak breakfast out there too!

But enough of my flowers; right? What we really want to talk about is the knitting basket! Just look at that basket - overflowing with yarny goodness!

My pop spots shawl is coming along swimmingly! I want to work on it ALL THE TIME, but have to refrain due to house work, the little fellow and well, life! =)

Knitting for the little baby boy kicking away inside my tummy is too much fun. Yes! You all guessed it.. the little square I was making last week are for a baby blanket. Isn't it fun! It's not done yet - I had to order some more yarn.... woops! =)

And then I finished a little hospital hat for the little guy and have begun matching socks. Don't you love the yarn? It's this yarn, colorway Building Blocks. I've been having fun knitting with it.

What have I been reading? Well, I just finished The Hills Is Lonely by Lillian Beckwith and found it quite amusing!

I had better run now. The little fellow has had a rough day and has poked his head out of "rest time" a few times already. Ah, well.

Joining with Ginny

Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Long Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends! I hope you have a lovely weekend planned with friends and family. We have kicked off the weekend with some Friday night appetizers on the deck. JK is grilling and John is playing whiffle ball in the yard. I'm hoping for some knitting time this weekend - wouldn't that be nice!

See you next week!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Knits

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's time to catch up on the knitting basket, isn't it?

Over the weekend I finished baby's first little sweater/hat ensemble. There is no pattern to share (sorry) but perhaps I will get around to writing down at least a new born size.

I love the green and the blue together, don't you? And the mis-matched vintage buttons! oh, so fun!

The yarn is KnitPicks Wool of the Andes Sport (they have such a wonderful collection of colors). Yes, I know, not a superwash (but they have superwash sport). I'm just a firm believer in real wool and don't mind hand washing baby things.

What's coming next? Can you guess?

PS: Want to keep track of it all? The first finished items for baby.

Joining with Ginny

Monday, May 20, 2013

Right Now: Early Summer

Right now I am .....

:: Thankful for my little garden that is about to burst into bloom.

:: I am enjoying my clematis, which I can see from my kitchen window

:: We are eating every dinner outside - sheer luxury in my book.

:: Savoring the taste of the season - strawberry rhubarb crisp

:: Rediscovering outdoor play -

My mom taught us how to make "Beary houses" (kind of like Fairie houses) in the roots of trees. My sisters and I would play for hours during the summer time. One summer my sister organized a booklet full of tiny miniture kits to make on a long road trip with the idea that when we got to the end of the road trip I would have a new miniture doll and accessories to play with and make a "Beary" house for. I still have a few of the items - I should dig them out and show you. That kit that my sister made and the hours spent making little houses are some of my favorite childhood memories. I have begun to recreate them with John - only this time it's not little doll houses we're making under the trees but "truck stops", camp fires and auto repair shops. But it's still fun and he loves it!

Hope you have been up to some early summer fun this weekend! We made it out to the opening of the Farmer's Market - but I didn't get any pictures - just enjoyed it!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello Friends!  I recently finished a spring sweater for myself. Knit out of Berroco Weekend (I love that stuff) it is very drapey and soft to the touch.

The ruched neckline was a fun little detail that I have been wanting to try out for some time.

The sleeves are 3/4 length, gathered. Love it! (Although it's hard to see in the picture)

We've had a busy week here. Something every morning and then rest every afternoon.

I've been enjoying the little bits of flowers from my yard.

I'm trying to imagine what my climbing rose is going to look like when it blooms! It's quite large now! Oh, the anticipation!

I've been soaking up the dapply sunshine and the green views from the backyard as I play with John in the afternoons.

Ah, the bliss of early summer!

Our favorite farmer's market opens tomorrow morning - we're planning on being there. We also spotted a new farmer's market close to our home on Friday afternoons. We can't wait to check it out - although perhaps not this Friday. It's a bit rainy and thunderstormish...

I hope you all have a brilliant weekend! See you next week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pop Spots Love

Have you ever seen a pattern that you really, really want to cast on right away? When I saw the shawl, "Pop Spots" via Susan B Anderson's blog I had that feeling. For some reason I'm really in a polka dot mood. I planned to buy some palette from KnitPicks when I realized I had some yarn that would work for the shawl in my stash! Shear bliss. No wait!

At first I thought I would be good and wait to cast on until June. But I finished another project sooner than I expect, (Don't you love that when that happens) and so I cast on (after talking my good friend Gina and my sister Heather into joining me on a mini knit along with this shawl)

So I cast on last night and .... ooooo it's delicious and terribly fun to knit! It's soooo easy I can't believe it! I love how the colors remind me of my favorite spring flower - Lilly of the Valley. Ah, bliss.

What am I reading right now? Well, nothing, and that's a pity. I'm in the mood for a real summer time book. I'm hoping to glean some suggestions from Ginny's readers this afternoon. We'll see!

Joining with Ginny!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A new knitting basket ta-dah!

Hello friends! I have a fun finished project to show you! It's kind of a story of a basket.
I've had this basket for several years now and have used it as my around the house or small project knitting basket. It is just the right size and has such a comfortable handle.

However, as you can see it has started to show some wear and tear. So I knitted and knitted and knitted and 3 days later I had this:

Isn't it rather sweet?

I used Knit Picks newest cotton yarn: Billow. I have been eager to try it out and now that I have I am not a fan. Yeah, I know, I hate to say that but really, and truly it's not a yarn that stands out. It pills and sheds right away and kind of looks tired out when you are finished.

But I loved the idea of creating a liner for my basket. Now my yarn does not catch on the inside or edge and I have a cute little tote that looks very creative!

I just laugh when I see all those lovely boy colors in my very girly knitting basket! But I think I have to surround myself with some pink - I'm quickly being overrun in this little family of mine! =) (And I love that fact)

So that's my little "ta-dah". If I do another one I'll have to write up the process step by step so I can give you all an idea of what I did. It's terribly fun to do!

Should I leave you with one last picture of yarnie goodness? Okay! Here's a picture of some of the handspun I keep on my studio desk to inspire me.... yes, it's scrumptious!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all... a day late! I hope your day was special and you were delighted by the little ones (or big ones) that surrounded you or phoned in.

Heather organized a very special Sunday lunch for us all - a Mother's Day Tea. It was scrumptious and relaxing! Although it was very cold here! In the 50s! No sitting out in my garden for me this Mother's Day. Hopefully that will come later on this week as temps finally get in the high 70s and 80s!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life and knitting

Hello friends! Should we sit down and have a cup of tea? It's been a few days hasn't it! What have you been busy with? We've been busy with visits to Gimie's house, a Saturday morning spent at Orchard in Bloom, visits from Grandma, doctor's appointments, house work, gardening, and resting. It's a beautiful time of year - the time of year where I want to spend all day, every day outside.

Yesterday we snuck in a lunch playdate with John's youngest cousin, Laura. They have the funniest relationship - a little sibling rivalry overlaid with cousinly affection.

It was one of those play dates where you had to rush around to make it happen but you were so glad that you did it. One of the things I wish I could conquer is my anxiety I feel when I have to rush. Do any of you get that way? That's usually why I don't smash a lot into a day.

This time I let the two kids go at it - water in the sand box (mud city) suds and sponges and of course popsicles to end the play date. They both seemed soporific at the end - so cute.

Lunch was taken, picnic style, up on Pooh Bear's hill (our name), among the pine trees. I love the scent of pine trees don't you? Reminds me of the East Coast for some reason.

Our picnic canopy were some lovely pine branches.

Have I been working on baby knits yet? Oh, my, yes! I just finished up some bunting to coordinate with his granny square blanket. I've changed my bunting pattern a little bit so I'll have to write it up and post it again.

Want a closer picture? Okay.

And here is the coordinating granny square blanket - just the right size for a moses basket or a pram.
Do you want to see the bunting and blanket together? Okay!

Soothing if you ask me - something about blue and gray and cream, don't you think?

What about sweaters for the little one? Oh, yes, I've begun on a few. This little one will have an entirely new set of knits rather than hand me downs from John. Why? Well, it's so much fun to knit for them and well, they grow up too fast and don't want to wear them any more! =)

Well, I should run. Little John hasn't fallen asleep due to a rain/thunder shower we're having right now. So much fun rest time this afternoon. Ah, well.

happy knitting!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Fiber Fix

One of the things I love to do around my birthday is go to the Greencastle Fiber Fair. The fair has definitely dwindled in size and attendance over the years. I remember what a thriving affair it used to be 10 years ago. But... it is still one of those "spring" things to do. I missed it this year - I was doing wedding flowers that weekend and attending my friend's wedding - something not to be missed for anything in the world.

Instead I treated myself to a visit to a semi local yarn shop that I had not visited yet. With a brief stop at our local coffee shop, I packed John in the car along with my mom and sister and headed out to Nomad Yarns in Plainfield, IN. It was adorable and worth the visit (for me)!
Mad Hatter Roving from Breezy Manor

As we walked up the front porch I saw fiber through the window! I couldn't believe my luck. My local yarn shop does not stock fiber and I haven't found a fiber farm close by so I have been without some fun fiber to spin (big sigh). And, not only does Nomad Yarns have fiber from regular yarn companies (Ashford and Frabjous Fibers) but they stock fiber from local fiber farms, a real gold mine for me.

Sunday I got the opportunity to spin up the Mad Hatter Roving. Don't you just love the name? It was like knitting with Noro - I kept thinking, "Ooo, what comes next, ooo, how is this going to look?" When it was finished I was a little disappointed it ended! Ha! Then the second thought that came into my mind was, "Let's jump into the car and get more!" Ha! ha! Needless to say, the roving was a perfect birthday present to myself! (Yes, can you believe it, I sometimes get birthday presents for myself).

Mad Hatter Roving finished

Some day soon I will be making my way back to Nomad Yarns. Perhaps for a little lengthier visit. But it was definitely worth the short little visit that rainy day last week.