Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life and knitting

Hello friends! Should we sit down and have a cup of tea? It's been a few days hasn't it! What have you been busy with? We've been busy with visits to Gimie's house, a Saturday morning spent at Orchard in Bloom, visits from Grandma, doctor's appointments, house work, gardening, and resting. It's a beautiful time of year - the time of year where I want to spend all day, every day outside.

Yesterday we snuck in a lunch playdate with John's youngest cousin, Laura. They have the funniest relationship - a little sibling rivalry overlaid with cousinly affection.

It was one of those play dates where you had to rush around to make it happen but you were so glad that you did it. One of the things I wish I could conquer is my anxiety I feel when I have to rush. Do any of you get that way? That's usually why I don't smash a lot into a day.

This time I let the two kids go at it - water in the sand box (mud city) suds and sponges and of course popsicles to end the play date. They both seemed soporific at the end - so cute.

Lunch was taken, picnic style, up on Pooh Bear's hill (our name), among the pine trees. I love the scent of pine trees don't you? Reminds me of the East Coast for some reason.

Our picnic canopy were some lovely pine branches.

Have I been working on baby knits yet? Oh, my, yes! I just finished up some bunting to coordinate with his granny square blanket. I've changed my bunting pattern a little bit so I'll have to write it up and post it again.

Want a closer picture? Okay.

And here is the coordinating granny square blanket - just the right size for a moses basket or a pram.
Do you want to see the bunting and blanket together? Okay!

Soothing if you ask me - something about blue and gray and cream, don't you think?

What about sweaters for the little one? Oh, yes, I've begun on a few. This little one will have an entirely new set of knits rather than hand me downs from John. Why? Well, it's so much fun to knit for them and well, they grow up too fast and don't want to wear them any more! =)

Well, I should run. Little John hasn't fallen asleep due to a rain/thunder shower we're having right now. So much fun rest time this afternoon. Ah, well.

happy knitting!


Heather L. said...

Those two are SO cute!!!!! Thanks for making it work out for them to get together!!

I LOVE the granny blanket and matching bunting!!!

One Acre Follies said...

I love the bunting and blanket! I really want to make one of those. Maybe that will be next.

Stephanie said...

All your knits for baby boy look great! I started a sweater coat for Emma to wear in the fall. Hopefully she won't be too old to tell me that she doesn't want to wear it! ;-)