Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pop Spots Love

Have you ever seen a pattern that you really, really want to cast on right away? When I saw the shawl, "Pop Spots" via Susan B Anderson's blog I had that feeling. For some reason I'm really in a polka dot mood. I planned to buy some palette from KnitPicks when I realized I had some yarn that would work for the shawl in my stash! Shear bliss. No wait!

At first I thought I would be good and wait to cast on until June. But I finished another project sooner than I expect, (Don't you love that when that happens) and so I cast on (after talking my good friend Gina and my sister Heather into joining me on a mini knit along with this shawl)

So I cast on last night and .... ooooo it's delicious and terribly fun to knit! It's soooo easy I can't believe it! I love how the colors remind me of my favorite spring flower - Lilly of the Valley. Ah, bliss.

What am I reading right now? Well, nothing, and that's a pity. I'm in the mood for a real summer time book. I'm hoping to glean some suggestions from Ginny's readers this afternoon. We'll see!

Joining with Ginny!


Anonymous said...

Lily of the Valley, I adore them! It is great when you finish something and get started on the next one!

One Acre Follies said...

How pretty! Is it really easy or easy because you're such a pro?! ;)

karen said...

that is going to be beautiful!! It's a lovely pattern and I can see why you had to cast on immediately :)