Monday, May 20, 2013

Right Now: Early Summer

Right now I am .....

:: Thankful for my little garden that is about to burst into bloom.

:: I am enjoying my clematis, which I can see from my kitchen window

:: We are eating every dinner outside - sheer luxury in my book.

:: Savoring the taste of the season - strawberry rhubarb crisp

:: Rediscovering outdoor play -

My mom taught us how to make "Beary houses" (kind of like Fairie houses) in the roots of trees. My sisters and I would play for hours during the summer time. One summer my sister organized a booklet full of tiny miniture kits to make on a long road trip with the idea that when we got to the end of the road trip I would have a new miniture doll and accessories to play with and make a "Beary" house for. I still have a few of the items - I should dig them out and show you. That kit that my sister made and the hours spent making little houses are some of my favorite childhood memories. I have begun to recreate them with John - only this time it's not little doll houses we're making under the trees but "truck stops", camp fires and auto repair shops. But it's still fun and he loves it!

Hope you have been up to some early summer fun this weekend! We made it out to the opening of the Farmer's Market - but I didn't get any pictures - just enjoyed it!

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