Monday, June 24, 2013

All in a week...

I can't believe I haven't posted in a week! Phew! A week can go by so quickly! This past week seemed to fly by since we were taking Thursday and Friday to go on a mini vacation. Lots of things were packed into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so that by Thursday morning we were all eager to sit in the car and enjoy the 3 hour trip north to Michigan and our favorite lake side spot - South Haven.

John wasted no time and as soon as we hit the beach he went running for the water. I couldn't help but laugh and remember the first time we brought him here. He could only crawl then, but his reaction was the same - straight towards the water. Perhaps he got a  little bit of the Ocean that resides in all of us Winslow sisters passed to us from our mother.

I knitted,

The boys made a sand castle,

We munched on lunch...

And when we tired in the afternoon we walked over to the little hotel in town, Hotel Nichols, a hotel that has been there for over 100 years no less, and checked in to our room, "The Blue Room."

Complete with a room for mommy and daddy and a little room for Johnny. Boy, did he love that.

Johnny couldn't decide what was more interesting, the room or the view below the room.

The bed and nap time won him over.

Then it was time for dinner (Gluten free pizza at Maria's Pizza Shop) and a walk about town, ending with ice cream.

Bubble gum ice cream no less. I remember the days when I loved that flavor. Oh, to be a kid!

Johnny just rode his trike around the court yard saying, "bubble gum, bubble gum, bubble gum." he loved it. Summer days. Nothing beats them.

We all slept well that night, tucked up in our cozy beds, tired from the sun but eager for more.

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