Thursday, June 27, 2013

South Haven Flowers

One of the things I LOVE about South Haven are it's flowers. Because our time was so short this visit I didn't get to take my usual walk up and down the beautiful old streets and admire the summer houses and their gardens. But I did admire the planters and pots throughout town.

Aren't they beautiful? They gave me ideas for my own planters next year.

But here's the real "truth" behind these flowers. I really wouldn't have had the time to snap any of these photos for we had decided that we would spend most of our time on the beach. Well, the first day I forgot to put sunscreen on my legs and you know how badly you burn when you're pregnant! Ugh! I was in so much pain I could barely stand any sun on my legs. And did you know you're not supposed to put aloe vera and lanocaine on your sunburn when you're pregnant? I had no idea. AND I hadn't brought any long trousers or long dresses with me - packed light, you know.

So all these photos were snapped while I dashed haphazardly into the South Haven clothing shops searching for some sort of long thing that would cover my legs and fit over my swollen tummy. In all the fancy shops in downtown South Haven I found NOTHING! Can you believe it?

I met up with JK and John who had gone to fetch the car and I told them of my plight. As we were driving to the beach we spotted a Dollar General. "Pull in." I said, quite desperate. There on a sale rack before I even when in was a sleeveless/strapless knit sun dress for $10. I quickly found a large and then held it up at waist level for JK and John to approve or disapprove. It covered my legs perfectly! They gave the thumbs up and so I bought the dress, tore off the tags and then slipped it on in the car - well, actually I had JK pull over again and I probably flashed some poor soul on the back streets of South Haven.

So that's how I got my pictures of the flower pots of South Haven. Thought you'd get a laugh out of it! =)
(JK was quite surprised to learn that the "skirt" was actually a dress later on - he thought it was a skirt all along! ha!)

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One Acre Follies said...

That's so funny!! Hope sunburn has healed quickly!