Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A bit of fluff...and stuff

Hello Friends! how are you? It's a rather gray day here - no rain yet (that was yesterday and last night). I'm watching the bees and the hummingbirds busy themselves in my garden, sucking the nectar from my bee balm. Little John is napping so I have stolen a few moments for myself.

The third trimester exhaustion has finally hit. For some reason I thought I was going to escape it - silly me. The second trimester is so deceptive isn't. Along with the exhaustion has come the immense desire to get ready for baby. Ha! Those too things don't go together do they?

Nonetheless a few closets have been cleaned out, a dresser is being painted for baby, and some more baby knits have been put on the list to knit.

But... some yarn was also organized and laid out on my little desk.

And some fiber. As a treat to myself (and to force myself to take a break) I've enrolled in "Spinning Dyed Fibers" with Felica Lo on Craftsy! It is W O N D E R F U L! Talk about a break through in color and how to spin! I'm so excited after going through the whole class I've signed up for the Tour de Fleece - we'll see how far I get. I've only signed up for the rookie team.

I'll have some knitting to show you soon!
Hope you all are doing well!

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Heather L. said...

I love your flowers!!!!!! Our gardens look alike!!!