Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A morning expedition to a farm stand full of delicious, ripe veggies,

rain on roses, 

a new knit fresh off the needles to be stashed for baby,

another little knit (same one) cast on,

trying to rest to keep baby in longer but not really wanting to sit still.

feeling anxious and eager for quiet,

remembering to just breathe and savor the moments of calm.

Reading: Call the Nurse and  The Ally of Love and Yellow Jasmines

Knitting: Puerperium in a soft blue stripe for baby and Harumi in yellow for me

Joining with Ginny & the Yarn Along


Cindy said...

I need to learn to knit! You make it look so easy :) Beautiful!

Kathi said...

I just love that baby sweater! And, I love the color too!

I just finished a baby sweater too, but a different one. I wanted to make the one you did (I've forgotten the spelling!), but the baby's mom told me she thought he would be a big boy. I didn't think that sweater would last very long.

Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting and beautiful photos!
Found you through Yarn Along btw.

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Such lovely flowers and veggies! The sweater is adorable... I an't wait to see a finished Harumi! Good luck!

karen said...

nothing like stashing wee knits for a baby! Beautiful!

Sarah McKelvy said...

The sweater is lovely.

I love baby knitting; I've been busy knitting for my niece/nephew.

Stephanie said...

Great baby sweater pattern. I have not knit one, but a friend knit Emma one with her handspun. Looking forward to seeing your shawl. Hang in there and keep on growing that baby! ;-)