Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catching up

Hello Dear Friends! It's about time I caught up with you. It was a busy week last week as I geared up for John's 4th birthday. Can you believe it? It was yesterday that he was a wee thing.

So I took the week to soak up his delighted anticipation of being 4 and the first birthday celebration at school - bringing cupcakes and being the star for the day.

I watched his transition from a trike to a bike - oh, my!

I savored the cool days reminding me that fall is coming (this week has been horrible hot - no ventures outside, please).

And I finished a few more knits for baby. Yes, more Puerperium cardigans...I think I'll stop at 3.

I'm finally off of "home rest" and I've begun to manage the house again! It feels so good to be back up and "doing". Now we just wait! =)


Reneelynn said...

Oh! I thought you may of had your baby ;) Looks like you have been very busy.....Can't beat playing with Grandma!!

Stephanie said...

Glad to hear you are able to move around. Taking it easy can be hard! Looking forward to the arrival of your newest cutie pie. I didn't realized the birthdays for both of your boys would be so close together.