Thursday, August 8, 2013

Days of Color

Our days have slowed down and fallen into a gentle rhythm here at the "incubator" house as my sister so lovingly called it when she popped in the door yesterday.

We play, we talk, we laugh, we nap, we paint on the back deck (I knit - I can't paint), then mom cooks a delicious dinner and we rest.

Slow days and yet packed with goodness and memories. John is as happy as can be with Grandma in the house. His favorite thing to do is to "wake" grandma - poor grandma.

A couple of cotton hospital caps for baby have been made with this lovely cotton yarn (pattern is my own - I'll have to share it soon). Another sweater is on the needles for baby - this one to be precise.


Reneelynn said...

Love the baby hats! please do share the pattern ;)
Looks like a wonderful time is being enjoyed by all!! Wonderful memories are being made.

One Acre Follies said...

How wonderful that your mom is able to be there! I'm glad you are getting the needed rest.