Friday, August 9, 2013


For weeks I fretted and worried about getting everything ready for baby. Friends and family from out of town took time away on the weekends (when JK could help with the heavy lifting) and so I had to wait. And then I got put on bed rest. Talk about seriously wanting to melt down! Instead of melting down a miracle happened - isn't that how life sometimes goes? The way we least expect it!

This past Saturday JK moved the guest room into my yarn room, set up the baby room in the old guest room and set up the guest room in the yarn room. Now there is a baby corner in our bedroom, a baby room and a baby corner in the playroom.

This past week my mother added a mural to the wall of the baby room - isn't it lovely? And we have plans to do one for John in his room. We're thinking a scene of the beach, pier and light house at South Haven since it's his favorite spot right now ... and appropriate since his little toddler bed is a boat. I'll have to let you all know how it goes!

And... my sister and my mom shopped, chopped and cooked meals for the freezer using these recipes. Oh, what a glorious feeling it is to have the freezer filled and the baby room ready. So much preparation for one little baby. It really is astounding isn't it? But worth it all.

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Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear you are on bed rest! But so glad your mom can help take care of John and that all the various baby preparations are coming along.