Monday, August 5, 2013


Well, it's week 1 of "couch potato rest" as my Ob has called it. Due to several days of spotting and cramping I've been ordered to take it really, really easy. For some reason, friends, I find it harder to receive than to give help? Why is that? I'm trying instead to focus on being a good incubator for this little wee one inside. My job has changed for the next few weeks - I need to be a good little duck sitting on her egg ( After all, I don't want to be  Jemima Puddle Duck and be called "a bad sitter") =)

As a result of the "couch potato rest" (don't you love these modern terms for bed rest?) I  have been blessed with the arrival of my mom in our home - we've been laughing and talking and making memories. I love waking up from a nap to find her on the back deck with her watercolors spread out and her sketchbook being filled with ideas. I've been treated to her wonderful cooking and I've basked in her encouragement! Oh, thank goodness for mothers! Aren't they wonderful!

Another result of being confined to resting is... I've gotten some projects finished for the baby. Susan B Anderson's lovely BIG giraffe and Amy Gaines owl from Little Knitted Creatures

And so we'll see what the next week or so holds - one day at a time...just one day at a time. Thank goodness that's all we are required to do!

happy knitting, friends!


Reneelynn said...

Mothers are the best !!!
Mine is turning 80 on Sat. and we're throwing her a big pool party ;) The pool is to keep the young ones busy!
She had a cancer scare 5 years ago, so every year now is a blessed bonus.
Take the rest you can get right now...there will be plenty to do after your little one arrives ;)

Cindy Barger said...

Moms are great and I get to see your every week!
Keep on letting others serve you as not to cheat them out of a blessing... but i understand the difficulty of being on the receiving end.