Monday, October 21, 2013


Right now I'm enjoying walks. Ooooo, I have dreamed of these days for a long time now after being pent up on bed rest and then recovery. It's as lovely as I imagined.

I'm enjoying the wonderful park we have so close to us.

I'm enjoying the blue skies and the rainy skies.

I'm enjoying the arrival of fall in all of it's glorious color!

I'm enjoying my two boys and savoring these baby moments.

I'm enjoying the occasional bit of rest and bit of knitting...

Hope you are surrounded by things to enjoy!


Callie Cox said...

Aww. It all looks lovely! Any chance you would share your blanket pattern? Purl has a log cabin knit blanket, but it's all one big sqaure instead of several small ones. I don't like it near as well as yours. :)

Stephanie said...

Glad you are getting out. Fresh air does wonders sometimes!