Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Knitting On

Ah, life... it moves so swiftly sometimes. Arthur is one month old today. It has passed in a blur of sleeplessness, cuddles, tears, joy, pain and love. You know - all those wonderful post postpartum ups and downs. Arthur is so big now. I had to hunt down John's 3 - 6 months clothes, wash and fold them all and replace the 0-3 month clothes in Arthur's drawers. He's that much bigger!

An over abundance of wild apples led to some wonderful baked apples (with pumpkin ice cream - sounds odd but delicious none the less!)

I've been dreaming of a new project and took down some yarn from my stash and went to the yarn shop and had it wound... but haven't had time to cast on. I'm thinking of a warm vest.... the yarn is Briar Rose. A splurge purchase when it was on sale at The Village Yarn shop years ago.

I did finish a cowl I was working on. I LOVE it! I haven't written up the pattern yet but I plan to. I just have to get some spare moments! Ha! Can you write patterns while nursing? I'm not too sure... I haven't tried. But that's an idea. =)

I love the double lace border. Something I first tried out on Mama Ruffles and Baby Ruffles. Ah... love double lace borders. It feels so indulgent! (PS: I actually worked on this shawl while in labor with Arthur so it will always hold a special memory for me.. and yes, I have a picture to prove it don't really want to see me in a hospital gown.)

On another note, Alpaca With A Twist is hosting a fall KAL with one of the patterns I designed for them. The KAL for Lovely in Lace is starting Nov 1! Lovely in Lace is one of my favorite sweaters. I still need to make one for myself... hmm.. maybe I should join the KAL too! =)

What am I reading? Ahh... well, I have returned to one of my cosy books. A bit too indulgent.. but what I'm in the mood for right now. The newest Agatha Raisin, Something Borrowed, Someone Dead.

Joining with Ginny!


Stephanie said...

Wow - go Arthur go! My little Emma didn't weight 10 lbs until 2 months, so she stayed in NB or 0-3 clothes for that time.

I purchased a skein of Briar Rose at Rhinebeck on Sat! It actually seemed pretty affordable b/c it was a large 8 oz hank. I'm planning to knit myself a Faroe style shawl with it.

My only dual-tasking was reading my iPhone while nursing, but maybe you are more coordinated. ;-)

Brownie Knits said...

I LOVE the new cowl! So pretty.