Saturday, October 26, 2013

The First Snow

We had our first snow on Thursday morning. When I was a child there was something exciting and thrilling about the first snow. I remember dancing in the flakes as they fell from the sky. Whether or not we always danced in the first snow growing up, I cannot remember. But it doesn't matter.

John and I danced in the first snow this year. He's grown so accustom to my delight when it rains that he knows we always dance in the rain if we haven't had any for a long time. So of course he said, "Let's go dance in the snow." I did half a dance since I was currently nursing Arthur when the snow came down.

I love seeing the year through the eyes of children and I think it is one of the things I am going to miss the most when my boys are grown. I love the sheer bliss and delight in life. I love the hot cocoa party after coming in from the cold snow. So right now I am savoring those delightful moments and dancing in the snow.

After the cocoa party I poured myself a large cup of tea and cast on another hat for Arthur - a little bigger one this time. I'll have to post it on my baby hat page soon since it's always nice to have a variety of sizes at hand.

So, that was our first snow. Have any of you had the first snow of the season yet? I wonder what the winter will be like.


One Acre Follies said...

Oh yes, their excitement is contagious! One of the things I miss about Callie is her non-excitement about things she used to get excited about. It will be a sad day indeed when no one squeals over snow or fallen acorns anymore. I may have to babysit someone's young child forever! LOL

Stephanie said...

We also got our first snow of the year on Thu. It was very wet. East side of the city got more than west side, so several of my co-workers didn't have any. Just the tips of our (somewhat long) grass were peaking through.

I haven't purchased boots for Emma ye, but I did obtain a parka and snow pants over the weekend. She loves being outside so it will be interesting to see how she feels about winter and snow.