Wednesday, November 20, 2013

9 years

Nine years ago today I married my love - the man who swept me off my feet with his intelligence, his kindness and his laughter.

It was a beautiful November day and oh, how quickly the years have sped by. I can't believe we've already reached the 9 year mark. (I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing at the 40 year mark) =)

Happy Anniversary, my dearest JK. You really are the best! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 months

Two months old - 8 weeks. How simple life is when you are a wee baby. Eat, sleep, and coo. Ah, yes. We've still been trying to keep life simple around here, for as you all well know, even if a baby's life is simple it is not exactly a cake walk for the parents. I still feel chronically sleep deprived even though we have had a few nights where Arthur goes to bed at 8pm and wakes only at 4:30 for a feeding.

These are the days I remind myself that a perfectly kept house is not the objective.

These are the days I remind myself to savor - those pillow cheeks to nuzzle, the sweet coos and the occasional smiles.

These are the days of simple food, simple excursions and beautiful memories.

And I wish I could say that I have kept my knitting simple! But no! For some reason I took on a deadline knitting project that is TERRIBLE! Unfortunately I can't show you pics on the blog for it is for a yarn company. But... let's just say... Independant Yarn designers are a wonderful thing  - they actually knit their pattern to discern whether or not it is knitable! These yarn company designers often do not! But I fully intend to start some knitable knitting as soon as this deadline is done!

PS: I think "Keep Life Simple" is going to be my motto this holiday season - we'll see how I succeed. =)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yarn Along

More snow - the second snow of the season. Cold, cold temps - 18 F one night. Our first fires in the fireplace. Molasses cookies in the cookie jar. Chai tea. Hot cocoa. Snow angels even if there is not enough snow. Discovering a new type of snow angel little John calls "Rolly Pollies." Knitting booties. Savoring the babyhood and cuddles.

Ah, life is moving slowly and yet fast. All of the cold weather and bit of snow really is getting me in the crafting/Christmas mood. I've been writing in my Christmas idea book almost daily (must show you that soon). But knowing I'll only get half  of it done.

I've begun to check out Christmas books from the library. Starting with some cozy Christmas mystery novels. I just finished: A Rumpole Christmas and fell in love with John Mortimer's style of writing! I downloaded the audiobook and finished it too quickly so I requested the hard copy because there are some quotes and descriptions I'd like to linger over.

Arthur's little toes were getting so cold in just plain socks when I realized I hadn't made any booties for him. A quick version of booties was knit up. I'm working on a second bigger pair and realizing that I really should write up various sizes and post them for you all here. Would be so helpful, wouldn't it!

I love the excuse of nesting and savoring a new baby gives you! I'm enjoying it while I can!

Hope you all are doing well and staying warm!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sleep Sacks

A good friend of mine - Gina Kanouse of Brownie Knits - knits and designs these wonderful sleep sacks for little ones. I didn't have any sleep sacks for John and I don't know how I managed! These things are WONDERFUL! Arthur lives in his sleep sack these days and it keeps him quite content.

The opened bottomed sleep slacks can be slipped on the babies and yet leave enough room to buckle them into their car seats or swing or buggy, while the closed bottom sleep sacks are wonderful for nap times to keep their feet warm.

Gina and I did a photo shoot with John and her newest sleep sacks soon after Arthur and I came home from the hospital. He did so well despite the fact we were dressing him and undressing him - rather like two girls playing with a sweet baby doll. =)

You can read more about them here
You can purchase the patterns here
Or you can message Gina via her Etsy shop and order a sleep sack already knitted for you!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes of Hitch

Hello Knitters!

I finally get to fully introduce you to a project that has been behind the scenes for a little while! Hitch: Patterns Inspired by the Films of Alfred Hitchcock is a collection of pattern recently published by Cooperative Press and edited by Stephannie Tallent.

It is full of beautiful patterns - large and small - that all have a slight retro edge to them! And all of them are based upon one of Alfred Hitchcocks' films!

Just take a look:
Alicia Tam

Greenwich Village Cardigan

Souvenir of a Killing

And those are just three of my favorites!

I took on the task of designing a male/unisex piece. How could the admirable fashion of Cary Grant not get a nod in the book. I ordered a bunch of movies and began to watch. Yes, hard task; right? Well, one of my all time favorite movies is "To Catch a Thief," and when I watched it again, I knew my sweater had to come from that film - what a classic!

Here's what my mood board looked like after a little movie watching...

And here's what I came up with "Robie" (I think I called it Riveria Stripes with a nod to the nautical stripes)

You can see all the patterns here
You can purchase the book as a download or a hard copy here

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