Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2 months

Two months old - 8 weeks. How simple life is when you are a wee baby. Eat, sleep, and coo. Ah, yes. We've still been trying to keep life simple around here, for as you all well know, even if a baby's life is simple it is not exactly a cake walk for the parents. I still feel chronically sleep deprived even though we have had a few nights where Arthur goes to bed at 8pm and wakes only at 4:30 for a feeding.

These are the days I remind myself that a perfectly kept house is not the objective.

These are the days I remind myself to savor - those pillow cheeks to nuzzle, the sweet coos and the occasional smiles.

These are the days of simple food, simple excursions and beautiful memories.

And I wish I could say that I have kept my knitting simple! But no! For some reason I took on a deadline knitting project that is TERRIBLE! Unfortunately I can't show you pics on the blog for it is for a yarn company. But... let's just say... Independant Yarn designers are a wonderful thing  - they actually knit their pattern to discern whether or not it is knitable! These yarn company designers often do not! But I fully intend to start some knitable knitting as soon as this deadline is done!

PS: I think "Keep Life Simple" is going to be my motto this holiday season - we'll see how I succeed. =)

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Jessica said...

Such sweet photos - It does go by fast, particularly the 2nd. I try to remind myself the sleep deprivation won't last forever! Keeping it simple is certainly the best motto for this season. Makes for much happier parents and children : ).