Monday, November 11, 2013

Sleep Sacks

A good friend of mine - Gina Kanouse of Brownie Knits - knits and designs these wonderful sleep sacks for little ones. I didn't have any sleep sacks for John and I don't know how I managed! These things are WONDERFUL! Arthur lives in his sleep sack these days and it keeps him quite content.

The opened bottomed sleep slacks can be slipped on the babies and yet leave enough room to buckle them into their car seats or swing or buggy, while the closed bottom sleep sacks are wonderful for nap times to keep their feet warm.

Gina and I did a photo shoot with John and her newest sleep sacks soon after Arthur and I came home from the hospital. He did so well despite the fact we were dressing him and undressing him - rather like two girls playing with a sweet baby doll. =)

You can read more about them here
You can purchase the patterns here
Or you can message Gina via her Etsy shop and order a sleep sack already knitted for you!

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